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the Fred Elias birthday bash at the Athenian Corner


Ayla, Zahira and I danced last night at the Athenian Corner to honor the birthday of the incomparable Freddie Elias. It was hot. I mean hot. Thank goodness for ice water and folding fans. But it was a lovely celebration – the restaurant was packed with musicians and dancers, the atmosphere was festive, and the band was smokin’ as usual. Each dancer did a solo set, and then the three of us joined together at the finale to dance through the audience and pose for pictures with Freddie. I can safely say we all had a blast.

Freddie, we love you!


Last night: Athenian Corner


This place is like a second home to me. Friendly and comfortable, full of a generous spirit and a love of music.

The restaurant was not very full last night, but I thoroughly enjoyed dancing my set – some nights you’re just lost in the flow and happy to be alive and dancing, and this was one of them. There was a group there including some folks visiting from India, and their warm smiles lifted my performance. Later we even got them up for a bit of line dancing (Greek syrto).

Afterward came a special treat – turns out one of the ladies there is a singer from India, and with a little coaxing she stood and sang for us. She began a cappella, but as she began to snap we began to clap, one lady at her table got up to dance, and Mike Gregian began to supply soft accompaniment on the doumbek. It’s these moments that give life a touch of magic…  🙂


I danced at Waltham Riverfest today…


… well, sort of.

Zia of Tassellations had invited me to participate in this event, but sadly it was raining by the time we were scheduled to go on, and, it being an outdoor event, this was a problem (there were concerns about combining water and sound equipment). We were, officially speaking, canceled.

We were all in makeup and costume already, so Zia boldly went next door to Skellig and asked if we could invade the pub and dance there. So we did.  🙂

It turned out to be a really fun afternoon – many folks came in to see us and I believe we were even filmed for the local cable channel. Skellig was a nice space to dance in, and the folks working there were quite gracious. Many thanks to them for hosting us!

And to Tassellations – thanks so much for inviting me.