Monthly Archives: July 2010


Hot Hips, Cool Chicks


Yesterday I was privileged to both perform at and MC the NH NBDA’s 2nd annual Hot Hips, Cool Chicks event. Despite some technical issues with both the A/V and the AC, this event was a blast. We had everything from troupes making their performance debut, all the way up to seasoned professional dancers, as well as the Fred Elias Ensemble playing for two of the three performance sections.

I wish I’d been able to spend more time watching the dancers (I do a lot of running around locating performers and confirming details) but what I saw was a lovely collection of styles, all danced with joy. Haflas are such a great way for “baby” dancers to get their feet wet performing in a supportive environment. For those of us who have been dancing for a while, they are a good way to meet new dance friends and reconnect with old ones, as well as just plain fun.

Thank you, Ayla and Zahira, for putting together this show! I’m already looking forward to the next one.