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Last night at the Athenian Corner


… was another one of those warm, wonderful nights where the whole place feels like one family. The ensemble of musicians consisted of Mike Gregian, Hagop Garabedian, and Arthur Sperou – they played a really lovely Turkish set for me. I had a couple of tables of friends there, including some of my students, and the two tables closest to the stage held a Persian group and a group that was a combination of Irish and Israeli. Their enthusiasm for the music and appreciation of the dancing gave me that synergistic energy boost that brings out the best in a dancer – you other performers know what I’m talking about.  🙂  It gives me more to give back in turn to my audience. The band made sure to play some songs from Israel and Persia, resulting in smiles and dancing all around. Even the young boy and the baby girl with one group got up on the dance floor to stamp their feet.

Nights like these are a huge part of why I dance. They embody what music and dance are all about.




… as my old software-geek self would say.  🙂  I’ve secured a dance slot at Rakkasah East this year. I’ll be dancing Saturday afternoon around 4:30 to the music of Scott Wilson’s band Efendi. For the uninitiated, Rakkasah East is a huge Middle Eastern dance festival in New Jersey, with workshops, performances of all styles from dancers around the globe, and absolutely unbelievable shopping opportunities. If you go, be sure to say hello if you see me!