I am an introvert, and a performer.

The subject of introversion has always fascinated me – it’s often conflated with shyness, but, while both traits are often found together, they are not the same thing. I was very shy as a child, but I would not describe myself as shy at this point in my life. And yet, I am an introvert.

When I began performing, I struggled with this idea. “Everyone knows” that performers are extroverts – would being an introvert hold me back? Was it an insurmountable obstacle? I love to perform – how was that possible if performing was extroverted in nature? I became determined to see the advantages of being an introvert, to figure out ways to leverage my introverted nature to be an asset to me as a performer.

Along the way I chatted with some of my dancer friends about these ideas, and discovered that several of them, even the most dynamic, compelling onstage presences, self-identified as introverts. And they had fascinating ideas on the subject. Thus the seed was planted…

I’m delighted to announce the Introverted Performer Project, a guest-post series about being both an introvert and a performer. It’s my hope that this series will make us more visible to each other, and provide some inspiration about how to find and use the advantages of being an introvert in a performance career. If nothing else, it should provide some fantastic conversations.

Stay tuned.